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As the West Coast Leaf goes on hiatus, as announced in our previous issue, we would like to again thank our writers, advertisers, subscribers and helpers for making it possible for us to publish “the cannabis newspaper of record.” 

These past five years have been among the most exciting in the history of reform, and we are glad to have played a role in informing and inspiring people to create change. See WestCoastLeaf.com as to our future plans

Book Review: The Medical Marijuana Survival Guide


Tips from a Former Police Officer Turned Medical Marijuana Patient

Author: Nate Bradley  

Reviewed By:  Charmie Gholson,* Michigan Moms United

Former cop Nate Bradley has written a step-by-step preliminary guide to police encounters and California Prop 215, with basic safety education about the medical marijuana law and potential legal risks to experienced and new patients.

Simple, elegant and compelling, The Medical Marijuana Survival Guide is a stroll into Bradley’s world of medical use from both a law enforcement and patient’s perspective, since he’s been both.

The book details Prop 215’s history, amendments, legal protections and loopholes with a stern, realistic warning: most medical marijuana patients have very few legal rights other than the right to a good legal defense in court. Bradley covers police encounters in public and at home, private transfers and collectives, but my favorite parts are “Telling Friends and Family,” where he offers templates for letters,

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Lee’s Smoke Signals is an instant cannabis classic


Book Review Smoke Signals: A social history of marijuana – medical, recreational, and scientific

By Martin Lee (Scribner, 2012, 528 p)


By Mikki Norris

Award-winning investigative journalist and author of Acid Dreams: The Complete History of LSD: The CIA, the 60s, and Beyond Martin Lee has done it again.

He has written a book that all proud cannabis consumers should have in their library, Smoke Signals.

This time Lee tells the comprehensive story of the cannabis plant and its changing role throughout history; how it’s spread and how it’s been used around the world since its origins in Central Asia in the Kush area of the Himalayan foothills thousands of years ago, who have been the people that have made cannabis more acceptable and more available and who are the forces against it, what new scientific discoveries have shown, and the politics that put us where we are today,

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Stone’s ‘Savages’ is unreal

By John Thomas Ellis

Oliver Stone’s latest film, Savages, trashes any kind of sense and sensibility as it careens through the peaceful lives of three people who grow ‘the kind’ in Laguna Beach, California. The story tries to weave mythology, misogyny and politics around main characters that are so poorly drawn that a narrator is needed to guide them through a simple plot.

It’s the same old fictitious action grabber — outsiders take on the Mob. In this case, American growers take on Mexican cartels. It just doesn’t ring true for an international drug gang to kidnap a spoiled rich woman and hold her hostage simply to get a cut of two high-class growers’ weed operation. To make matters worse, the studio tacked on a tricked-up ending that was as unpleasant as getting your teeth cleaned and left me wanting a good bowl of chronic.

Sadly, even a half-naked Blake

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A Question of the West Coast Leaf’s future…

This editorial poses a question to our readers as to how the West Coast Leaf shall proceed. When we launched this newspaper, long-time activists and publishers Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris agreed to produce it for five years and then decide what to do next. As this current issue is Vol. 5 No. 3, we are nearing the end of that cycle, and it is time for us to decide. The upcoming Winter 2012 edition marks the end of this arrangement.

One thing is certain, things will not remain as they are now. Some people say the Internet has displaced the need for authoritative print journalism. Others say that a credible newspaper of record has a singular place and purpose, and it’s time for others to step up to the plate to keep it going. We just know it’s time for


Summer reading: New books to browse

Marijuana and the Bible

By Jeff Brown and the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church |  Published by Jeff Brown / CreateSpace publishing

Jeff Brown brings an update to his classic book on the hidden tale of cannabis as found in the Bible by a Rasta interpretation of the ancient texts from the Lord’s gift of plants to the holy annointing oil to the burning bush, culminating in the revelatory tongues of flame sent by the Spirit, celebrated on Pentecost. No serious Bible scholar should miss this work.

Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide series

Two volumes, By S.T. Oner |  Published by Green Candy Press, $20 each

Green Candy Press lives up to its name with two yummy volumes of top of the line photos and alphabetized descriptions that take you through the two cannabis subspecies from A to Z. Either book is a great stand-alone encyclopedia, and the

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Book review: Get that bug before it gets the best of a garden

PAGE 19 Marijuana Pest Control

Marijuana Pest & Disease Control

By Ed Rosenthal with Kathy Imbriani | Quick American Pub.

Review By John Thomas Ellis

Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Pest & Disease Control is one of the few books every gardener planet must own.

He and Kathy Imbriani have produced a tome of great importance for those who work with any kind of plant. It deftly concentrates decades of experience and hands-on practice into an easy-to-understand reference for all things that threaten the modern-day grower.

Whether you are growing orchids, tomatoes or cannabis, Rosenthal’s insights will help both amateur and pro through those most vexing times — when pests and disease threaten to destroy the fruits of the gardener’s work. The authors remind us to keep it simple and use an organic approach whenever possible. One example is a simple cure for mold and fungus: use pH-down as a spray, set at level 8. Elegant and simple,

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Book review: A guide for the home grower

Marijuana: Let’s Grow a Pound

By SeeMoreBuds | Ed Rosenthal, Quick American Pub.

Review By John Thomas Ellis

There is no single way to grow anything, but Marijuana: Let’s Grow a Pound is an enjoyable romp through one person’s way of producing enough cannabis to supply a small family of friends and neighbors with medicine.

This step-by-step guide takes the reader through that process, starting with designing and building the grow space. Each step is described in detail in an attempt to make growing the kind seem easy.

The steps laid out are not all as simple as the writer suggests. Working with a single 1000-watt light may be fine, but relying on a moveable track is a touchy decision. Moving parts have a tendency to breakdown when moisture is present. Working with CO2 can be a lot more vexing than most home gardeners are prepared to handle. And in a

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A cookbook for the cause

The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook 2012 By Cheri Sicard Z-Dog Media, ISBN: 978-0-9839888-0-9

Reviewed By Mitch Mandell

A new cannabis cookbook gives readers much more than instructions for cooking with marijuana and more than 120 delicious medicated recipes; they can also feel good about helping the cause of reform.

Author Cheri Sicard is making The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook available to worthy cannabis organizations at below-wholesale rates to help raise funds.

Sicard, a professional writer and recipe developer long before she became a cannabis patient and legalization advocate, is excited that her newest book makes cannabis cooking accessible to beginners yet is sophisticated enough for connoisseurs — and with fundraising potential.

“When I’m not in the kitchen developing recipes, you’re likely to find me at a court support, rally, city council meeting, or involved in some other reform activity. The fact that I can pursue my love of food and cooking and

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Book Review: Marijuana Gateway to Health


How cannabis protects us from cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.  By Clint Werner

Reviewed By Mary Pat Jacobs of the Sonoma Alliance for Medical Marijuana

Once started, reading Marijuana Gateway to Health is hard to stop.

Clint Werner’s training in journalism is evident throughout, making his book a definite smile to read. It may seem difficult to find humor in the egregious assaults against this benign and beneficial substance, but Werner has done it. Readers will laugh often at the factoids he places in ironoc juxtaposition to the ridiculousness of the drug warriors’ actions.

One need read only a page or three of this book to be well armed with information. Author of many books on wellness Andrew Weil, M.D., wrote, “This book should be required reading for all medical professionals, elected officials and everyone interested in health and wellness.”

The ‘End Notes’ are invaluable, as Werner’s association with Dr. Donald

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Book review: Medical marijuana update

Medical Marijuana 101 Mickey Martin, Ed Rosenthal, Gregory T. Carter, M.D. ISBN: 9780932551931. 120 pp Quick American Pub: $14.95

A new book puts politics aside and approaches the topic from a patient’s perspective, with answers for anyone asking, “What can this medicine do for me?”

Medical Marijuana 101 contains the most up-to-date information that medical marijuana users need to know, from the latest research on how the body processes marijuana to findings on CBD, a component that works for pain management without making a patient “high.”

Its authors are well-versed in the subject matter. Cannabis industry consultant Mickey Martin operated a medical marijuana bakery that pioneered consistency and controlled dosages — and was closed by the DEA in 2007. Ed Rosenthal, author of the bestselling Marijuana Grower’s Handbook, stood up to the federal government after being arrested for growing medical marijuana on behalf of the city of Oakland. Gregory

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A perspective from inside the Emerald Triangle


Marijuanaland: Dispatches from an American War By Jonah Raskin High Times publishing, $12.99

Reviewed By John Ellis


Californians have built a multibillion-dollar-a-year industry out of a few seeds and the hopes and dreams of an aging counterculture that is now heading into retirement.

Marijuanaland documents the cultural effects on Americans driven to live and work in the underground cannabis economy that largely drives the area known as the Emerald Triangle. Jonah Raskin interweaves facts with decades of mythology laid on the shoulders of people who all have skin in the game — growers, dealers, activists and law enforcement.

Raskin takes the reader on a visually enhanced journey through the Northern Cal counties of Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity, with a journalist’s view of the changing scene. He introduces some of the wonderful people and characters who risk everything to supply patients and commercial markets

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