New scientific, political advances for cannabis

Kristin Peskuski addressed a Medical Cannabis Conference held at the senior community Laguna Woods City Auditorium on Jan. 22. The image behind her depicts super-magnified and colorized trichomes, or resin glands of the cannabis plant, which contain cannabinoids. More about the conference and more photos by Michael Guerrini inside.

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  • From the Huffington Post:

    Like the earlier pardons, the latest did not involve anyone well-known. The cases date back as far as 1975, when:

    1.)Randy Eugene Dyer of Burien, Wash., was sentenced to serve five years in prison in the conspiracy to import marijuana and two related crimes.

    2.) Christine Marie Rossiter of Lincoln, Neb., sentenced in 1992 to three years of probation for conspiring to distribute less than 110 pounds of marijuana.

    Two out of eight pardons to marijuana offenses! I am having a hard time understanding the direction the White House is taking.

    We had another DEA raid on Friday, so this all makes no sense.

    They, the DEA, “collected” ANOTHER $1.2 MILLION!!! No charges, just smash and grab!

    UPDATE: Friday, May 20, DEA Raid at a Helena Dispensary

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