It’s Time to Tell Michelle

Michelle Obama is a loving mother, a concerned parent and an intelligent woman, and we wonder how she would answer these three questions:
1) How would you and your husband, family and country have benefited if Barack as a young man had gotten a marijuana arrest, destroying his chance to go to college, his job prospects and, if charged with sales, maybe spent a few years behind bars?
2) How will anyone be better off if that happens to one of your daughters?
3) Can you know this happens to 800,000 Americans a year — even seriously ill patients with a physician’s approval who live in states where doctors, families, voters and legislators have recognized the medical use of cannabis — and not do anything?
All pretense to the contrary notwithstanding, your husband is the one person on Earth who can order the DEA to deschedule marijuana, desist in its raids against dispensaries and patients and end the NIDA research monopoly roadblock. Congress gave him that power. He won’t listen to us. You are the one person on Earth who might reach him.
We urge our readers and especially mothers to join the West Coast Leaf and the NORML Women’s Alliance to “Tell Michelle.” Write or call to let her know that marijuana prohibition is harmful and how it has affected your family. Michelle needs to hear from you so Barack will hear from her. Information online at

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