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So long for now and thanks for reading WCL



As the West Coast Leaf goes on hiatus,
as announced in our previous issue,
we would like to again thank our writers,
advertisers, subscribers and helpers
for making it possible for us to publish
“the cannabis newspaper of record.” 

These past five years have been among
the most exciting in the history of reform,
and we are glad to have played a role in informing
and inspiring people to create change.

See WestCoastLeaf.com as to our future plans

2 comments to So long for now and thanks for reading WCL

  • You actually produced some good items with ur blog, “So long for now and thanks for reading WCL”

  • Thanks, Mitchel. The West Coast Leaf has developed into a news service. You can still read our newest content online via the News Service link, but if you want to see our articles in print, tell your local news publishers to subscribe to our News Service. We hope to see many more good items in our future.

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