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Oaksterdam University, 1734 Telegraph Ave., Oakland CA. For classes, curricula and dates, visit OaksterdamUniversity.com

Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum open most days from 10 to 6 pm at 1734 Telegraph Ave., Oakland CA. Contact Oaksterdam University for details about time.

Upcoming Events

September 7-8, 2013, San Francisco. Former Mexican President Vincente Fox will speak at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo. INTCHE will host its 3rd Annual Connoisseurs Cup at the Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco CA, 10am-9pm, to promote its mission of education, awareness and advancement of medicinal cannabis and hemp. This will be the first of its kind for San Francisco and has been well anticipated by both INTCHE and the City of San Francisco. It expects to have over 10,000 attendees and will have a 215 section, where collectives will be located and approved for safe access distribution of medicine for patients with a valid recommendation card. In addition, there will be a non-215 section where patients and non-patients can view and interact with a diverse group of vendors and attractions such as glass blowing and fire-dancers. There will also be keynote speakers with credible backgrounds giving insight to current medicinal cannabis laws and presenting personal stories regarding medicinal cannabis as a beneficial alternative to modern medicine. We will have a wide variety of food vendors available, in addition to live music. info@intche.net Office: 650-375-8444

September 7-8, 2013, Portland, OR. Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris to speak at the annual Hempstalk Festival, Kelley Point Park, Portland, Oregon, advocates decriminalization of marijuana for medicinal, industrial, and adult personal use and cultivation. Founded in 2005 by the Hemp and Cannabis Foundation, the festival takes place the weekend after Labor Day in September, and features food vendors, live music, guest speakers and information booths. This public event has always been free to attend. www.hempstalk.org

Sept. 23-24, Washington DC. Hemp Industries Association Conference, Details, thehia.org

Oct. 23-26, Denver, CO. International Drug Policy Reform Conference, Sheraton Downtown. Bienniel gathering of drug policy reform experts, elected officials, researchers, criminal justice advocates, educators, students, activists and organizations. Networking, panels, work- shops, benefit. See reformconference.org

Nov. 7-8, 2013, Seattle, WA. National Marijuana Business Conf., Further details to come at mmjbusinessdaily.com/

Aug. 15-17, 2014, Seattle, WA. Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris to speak at Hempfest, Seattle, WA. Centennial Park (north entrance), Myrtle Edwards Park, and Olympic Sculpture Park (south entrance). World’s largest pot protesti- val (rally, music festival, vendors, speakers, education). To volunteer, vend or for more info, see hempfest.org