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We are proud to announce the creation of the West Coast Leaf News Service as a national news syndicate to supplement print publications with a cogent and reliable stream of cannabis news reports to provide to their readers. Among our current subscribers are the American Cultivator, in Michigan, and the NW American Hemp News, in Oregon.

Publishers and editors: If you wish to subscribe to our news feed, please send an email to news@westcoastleaf.com for details. We are happy to provide news content under with our masthead and slogan, “The cannabis newspaper of record,” or as stand alone news reports. In return we ask that our tagline, — West Coast Leaf News Service, be included at the end of the article.

Contributors: West Coast Leaf may or may not publish as a stand-alone newspaper in the future, but we are keeping the website updated with the same high-quality information that we provide to other publications. We continue to solicit and gather articles for our website and to be made available for other publications to use. Photographers, we need photos and would like to get your work published for you.

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