Washington State liquor board announces cannabis implementation plan

WCL News — The Washington State Liquor Control Board Sept. 4, 2013 announced its final rules to implement the marijuana legalization law adopted by state voters in 2012, I-502. Teams from across the US had competed to be included in the development of the guidelines. People interested in cultivating or dispensing cannabis to adults will have from November 18 to December 18 to apply for a license.

Details of the proposal will be discussed in future postings. Read the 43-page document online.

Washington State on a map of the USTimeline for implementation:

September 4, 2013: File Supplemental CR 102 with revised proposed rules

October 9, 2013: Public hearing(s) on proposed rules (details pending)

October 16, 2013: Board adopts or rejects proposed rules (CR 103)

November 16, 2013: Rules take effect

November 18, 2013: Begin accepting applications for producer, processor and retailer licenses (30-day window)

December 1, 2013: Deadline for rules to be complete (as mandated by law)

December 18, 2013: All license applications due (30-day window closes)

Public Hearings- One or more public hearings on the proposed rules are to be scheduled. The Liquor Board will post the dates and locations on its website.

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